Pepe On Fire

How it all Started

Most frogs are comfortable in the water, but Pepe played with Fire. Once, Pepe got Burned! He said: ‘Feels Good Man’. Pepe loved it! From that day on, he was obsessed with Fire.

Since then, Pepe burned a lot of things. He burned his tokens, his liquidity pool and he even burned himself.

But Pepe Burned himself so much that he turned On Fire.

Pepe became furious, raging with fire. Seeing many good people getting burned by scams and rugs, Pepe On Fire decided to fight for the Solana Community and use his Fire to help his people. He became Pepe On Fire.

Now Pepe On Fire is Destroying the Bear, and burning every rug and scam.

His fire brings warmth and comfort to his community. But to scammers and to the bear, it brings complete destruction. 

$PFIRE Benefits

  • Firenomics

    Solid Tokenomics. Read more in 'Firenomics' section down below.

  • 3% Auto Burn

    Pepe burns 3% of Each Transaction (Deflation)

  • Based Devs

    Based In-House Dev Team. More information in FAQ down below.

  • Experienced

    Devs in crypto since 2013 - 2017. All work done In-House. Track Record of Success.

PFIRE Burned

Art & Memes


  • Safe to Trade

    Fair Stealth Launch. Locked Liquidity Pool (LP). Mint & Freeze Authority Revoked. No Pre-Sale. No Team Tokens. No pump and dump.

  • 10 Trillion Supply

    The Initial Supply is 10 Trillion (10,000,000,000,000). This is always decreasing with the 3% burns of each TX, making $PFIRE deflationary.

  • 20% Outreach Airdrops

    20% of the supply will be strategically airdropped to top holders of Solana projects. This ensures proper distribution and awareness.

  • 10% KOL's & Marketing

    10% will be used for Solana Focussed Marketing, including allocating tokens to Key Opinion Leaders (KOL's) within the Solana ecosystem.

  • 5% Token Transfer Fee

    - 3% Automatic Token-Burns making $PFIRE fully Deflationary
    - 2% For ongoing Marketing & Operations to grow the project


Pepe On Fire is a unique new meme character. Pepe On Fire is partially based on the Pepe character by Matt Furie, yet with a unique Story, History, Character and Appearance. 

Pepe On Fire is obsessed with fire. He is always burning. He burns 3% of all $PFIRE transaction volume. This makes his token fully deflationary.

His fire brings warmth and comfort to his community. To scammers and to the bear on the other hand, his fire brings complete destruction. 

Pepe On Fire recruited a team of humans to support him in his mission. The In-House Team consists of a Back-End Blockchain Developer, and a Front-End Developer, Marketing Manager & Designer. The team has a strong network of Admins, Mods, Investors and KOL’s in the Solana Community.

The Core Team members are from the UK and Europe. They have a Track Record of succes in the Business World, and in Crypto since 2013 – 2017; in Crypto Trading, Consulting, Investing, Mining and Starting New Tokens.

Pepe On Fire automatically burns 3% of each transaction. This makes $PFIRE Fully Deflationary. Another 2% Pepe Auto-Swaps to SOL to fund ongoing project Marketing and Operations of the project. 

The Burn- and Marketing Fee of 5% in total is automatically deducted from each transaction (buy, sell, swap, transfer). This is done using Token Extensions on Solana. We launched on FluxBeam which facilitates this.


You can buy Pepe On Fire – ticker $PFIRE – through a Decentralised Exchange (DEX) on Solana. You can use Jupiter ( or your favourite Telegram buy bot. Just make sure you use the correct Contract Address.


You’ll receive the $PFIRE tokens in the wallet you connect with. For buying with Jupiter we recommend Phantom wallet.

Buy $PFIRE on Jupiter

Pepe On Fire is started by the same team as Reward Protocol. $PFIRE is a memecoin and crypto project by itself. Yet it also receives utility from and adds utility to Reward Protocol in several ways. There’s a mutually beneficial relationship between both projects.

Pepe On Fire utilises some of the Reward Protocol infrastructure, including Hardware & Servers, Custom Build Airdrop Scripts, Team members, KOL & marketing contacts, Security Infrastructure and more.

In turn, 5% of the $PFIRE supply is airdropped to the Reward Protocol community. Also 0.2% of the $PFIRE transaction volume (one tenth of the 2% for marketing and operations) goes to the Reward Protocol jackpot wallet and reward airdrops wallet (0.1% each).



Buy $PFIRE on Jupiter

$PFIRE has no association with Matt Furie or his creation Boys Club. This token is simply paying homage to a meme we love and recognize. $PFIRE is a meme token and should not be considered as an investment vehicle or a medium for profit. The value of $PFIRE is not promised or guaranteed. The primary purpose of $PFIRE is to encourage community engagement and facilitate participation in a community-driven meme culture project. Purchasing $PFIRE should be regarded as a form of participation and support for the project, not as a financial investment with an expectation of profit. By engaging with this project, you acknowledge that you understand and accept these terms. 

© Copyright 2024. Pepe On Fire.

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